Aug 5, 2013

Protect Yourself!


Interstate Stalking

In 1996 Congress passed an anti-stalking law as part of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). Under this law it is a federal felony to cross state lines to stalk or harass an individual if the conduct causes fear of serious bodily injury or death to the stalking victim or to the victim's immediate family members. It is a federal felony to stalk or harass on military or U.S. territorial lands, including Indian country (18 U.S.C. § 2261A). It is also a federal crime to cross state lines or enter or leave Indian country in violation of a qualifying Protection Order (18 U.S.C. § 2262).

For a description of other Violence Against Women Act Statutes see Federal Domestic Violence Laws brochure or it may be available from your local United States Attorney.

There are also state laws dealing with the crime of stalking.


  • Police/Fire Department
  • Homes of friends or relatives preferably unknown to the stalker
  • Family crisis shelters
  • Crowded public buildings or places

Give an accurate description of the stalker, his or her vehicle, address (if known) and a recent photograph if you have one.

Notify security personnel in apartments and/or appropriate personnel at your work place, or children's school, and other places that are a part of your normal routine. Ask law enforcement about security measures they can initiate. Some agencies have alarms available for stalking victims or "panic button" alarms can be rented from private security agencies.

As well as helping to protect you, by reporting a crime of stalking, police can keep an independent record of the incidents, which can assist them in developing a threat assessment of the stalker.
Police reports may also help you get a protection order from a court or demonstrate that an existing order has been violated.


Consult with a victim services provider about creating a personal safety plan...and follow it.
If you believe the stalker truly poses a threat, consider obtaining a restraining order, but be aware that service of the order to the stalker may provoke a response.


It is important to keep a record of incidents which may support a criminal prosecution.
  • Record dates, times of day and places of contact with the individual who is stalking you.
  • Log any telephone calls and save answering machine messages.
  • Save any correspondence from stalker, including the envelope.
  • Document threats in detail.
  • Provide names and addresses of witnesses to any incidents to law enforcement or a prosecutor.
If the stalker has assaulted you physically or sexually, has entered your home without permission, or has damaged or stolen your property, report it to police. They should also photograph injuries to your person or damage to your property. These are separate crimes which can be prosecuted.


Telling a stalker that you don't want to talk to him is still talking to him or her. Stop all contact.
Treat any threat as legitimate and call police immediately. Install dead bolts. If you lose the key, change the locks.

  • If possible, install outside lights activated by a motion detector.
  • Maintain an unlisted phone number. If harassing calls persist, contact telephone company security and they can assist you with options to trace the origin of such calls.
  • Use a telephone message machine to screen calls. This documents contact by a stalker, for police.
  • Vary the routes you take and limit the time you spend walking.
  • Keep children and pets indoors and always under supervision. If you have children in common, arrange through the court for the exchange of custody or visitation through a third party.
  • Tell trusted relatives, friends, a landlord and neighbors about the situation.
  • Provide family, friends, neighbors and your employer with a photo or description of the stalker and the car he or she drives.
  • Advise your employer and co-workers of the problem and provide a picture of the stalker if available. If the stalker shows up at work, have someone contact the police, and avoid any personal contact.
  • Don't park in secluded areas.


If you are a victim of a stalking crime it is normal to sometimes feel frightened and vulnerable. The following agencies exist to help victims of crime. Seek their help.


• National Domestic Violence Hotline
1- 800-799-SAFE

• National Center for Victims of Crime
1-800-FYI-CALL (1-800-394-2255)

• National Organization for Victim Assistance
1-800-TRY-NOVA (1-800-879-6682)

• National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

If in Crisis, call: 1-800-SUICIDE or 1-800-273-TALK

Useful web links: Information Resources ( and an online directory of crime victim services to assist you in locating non-emergency crime victim services (


• If you feel you are in danger, first contact your local Police or Sheriff Department. Dial 911.
• Domestic Violence Hotline in Georgia 1-800-33HAVEN (1-800-334-2836).  Provides 24 hours statewide access to free and confidential help and information for victims and their family and friends.

• Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence: 404-209-0280

• Contact your County Victim Assistance Program in Solicitor or District Attorney’s Office.

• For Victim Compensation Information in Georgia call 404-559-4949.
• Federal Bureau of Investigation: To report interstate stalking crimes 404-679-9000

• United Way's First Call for Help in Georgia: 2-1-1 or 404-614-1000

  • U.S. Attorney's Victim Witness Assistance Program 1-888-431-1918, 404-581-6102, or 404-581-6041. (For victims and witnesses of federal crime)


(Much of the information on this page was derived from Helpful Guide For Victims of Stalking: Published by The National Victim Center--1993)
This Information May Be Reproduced

Dec 11, 2012

Founded By Following

Many people ask us how this all started.  This is the best, one piece, I can find to answer your questions.  Don't expect to hear anything from Candace except that she is just another volunteer like everyone else, stating that God alone is our Founder!

Candace Huffmaster has been passionate about creating visual art since her first art class in high school where she studied the art of drawing and composition. For the three decades proceeding, she honed her skills through visual merchandising, interior design, make up artistry, and paramedical cosmetic services.

“There are images, sounds and words imploring to be unearthed all around us. They are impelling us to pause, take notice, search and dig deep till we discover them. Constant as if seeking me, through my heart, mind, the universe, it never stopped; so I sought it out.”  “Now I understand:  we create what fulfills our moments, families and communities; we design from dusk till dawn ~ It should catch our breath as we attempt to manifest tangible things from mere thoughts and the God given abilities we possess!”  “ It is within these moments which we confirm we are indeed creative, just as He is creative”. From His imagination, will and matter existing we were formed; then He gave us His life!”

As Candace continued her sojourn, she realized the importance of utilizing creativity to help others in crisis. The creation of Kaleidoscope Butterfly, Inc., A 503, 1C Nonprofit Organization comprising, The Art of Survival, Creativity Speaks and There is a Story Being Told bring creative arts to women and children dealing with paralyzing life issues. Art therapy techniques allow individuals to communicate when words might be difficult. Each painting, illustration or written composition represents a new discovery about life, community, purpose and understanding.

Ms. Huffmaster’s art has been exhibited in Glimpse of His Glory Gallery within Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, Drawing to the Rock Fine Art Gallery located within the Tula Art Center. She is a contributing author for Spiritual Enlightenment where her poetry and other writings may be viewed. It is Candace’s hope that by reaching in to help those suffering as we reach out to bring awareness, God will bring healing and restoration to our communities in a mighty way.


©Candace Huffmaster, 2005 All Rights Reserved
Kaleidoscope Butterfly, Inc ®



For More Visit these virtual locations:

·         Fresh Perspectives, All Things New and Divine Design Exhibits
Kaleidoscope Butterfly, Inc

 For Candace Huffmasters professional bio click here.

Jul 18, 2011

Essence Skincare Open House

Open House - Networking Event

Host: Patrick Williams & Martine Savage
Phone: 404-254-3172
When: Tuesday, July 19 at 6:00 PM to Tuesday, July 19 at 9:00 PM
Where: Massage Management Team & Essence Skincare
            325 Hammomd Drive Suite 303
           Sandy Springs, GA 30328 Message From Host

Take advantage of this excellent opportunity to see their new location, as well as meet other successful business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs.

Releive those tense muscles: Latrissha Davis, a new member of the Massage Management Team, will there offering chair massage.

Socialize while enjoying wine and hors d'œuvres, and don't forget to bring your business cards!
I hope to see you there!
Candace Huffmaster

Jun 9, 2011

Clarification on Volunteer Sign up

Hi Candy,

You came to AIA on Monday night and spoke to our class about your organization. I've signed up for the mailing list and would really like to volunteer in the future. I couldn't find any listings though. Will the mailing list update us with those or should I be going elsewhere to check them out? Just wanting to clarify, whenever you have a free moment. Thanks!

"We're all just walking eachother home." -Ram Dass


Good Morning  Ashley:

Great question.  Yes, you are correct - the list is being formulated through the questions that are to be answered when you click the "click here" link in the e-mail volunteer blast.

If I failed to explain the process I apologize.  But here it is:

In the questionnaire you have the opportunity to check any event types you are interested in.  No limites.  There is also an age interest for each of those categories, again you can do one or all.  Next will be your choice of events, that need no further training or you may choose to have crisis training to extend your skills.

We then plug everyone into the categories and generate a priority call out.  Everyone will receive all notices, howeve,r we will give priority selection to those that chose the categories of special interest. 

Please encourage everyone to ask me questions - and feel free to share with everyone.

I am posting this to: in case anyone else has the same question.

Thank you very much Ashley.

For the cause of LOVE,

Candace Huffmaster

Mar 24, 2011

Sometimes you must Be the beauty in chaos!

Making His Mark With Beauty
KB, Inc’s world-wide motto is alive

Hip, Hip Hooray! Now our organization is seeing beauty emerge all around the world. When we changed our "slogan" from Loving Who You Were Divinely Created To BE to Reaching Through Chaos, Seeing True Beauty Emerge we did not quiet understand why - because we knew the first one was correct. However, we had to believe in what God saw beneath the chaos in order to find the faith which enabled our perseverance to help others not only see what we saw, but believe in it.

As we began telling women and children that they were desired, loved and had a reason to not be afraid, we saw them embrace the " idea" of hope.  But as we stuck by them~ encouraging them to believe that even as God forsaken as life can feel at times, there are always lovely moments too; we noticed they were actually reaching out to grab onto that hope and tucking it away to protect it. But the day we understood with His understanding was when we saw His "beauty mark".  It was the day that all the pieces collided to perfectly mesh.  For the first time I know I saw the elusive Kaleidoscope Butterfly.  Although it was one moment it was also many and there will be many more.  Because as we are walking and relating to these lovely individuals God is revealing precious details which are transforming their minds to see that they, themselves, need to BE BEAUTY in this world of chaos.

We are witness to the fact that there is not a more beautiful sight than His hand reaching through their chaos to share in very real ways.

Our work is simple but true:
We believe True Beauty is as a seed planted within you, tenderly tucked into a deep, dark space. Alone with such dreams of grandeur, restlessly squirming, simply dying to be released! It truly believes there is something much larger and unique it is to be. It feels it could bestow beauty and goodness upon an unaesthetic world. “Just as the butterfly is always within the caterpillar – so too your beauty is fighting to take flight and ride the breeze. You are a kaleidoscope butterfly, a vision foreseen in the mind of the Great Divine. He delights in what you have to offer. He created you to rise above and be seen. So flutter your jagged, shattered pieces in His sunlight. His hand merges all our shapes in His time. To Him we are not missing or broken we are His Delight and perfect in His sight.

We make our request known and know it is His will:
Do not look with your eyes to perceive reality. Do not allow this world to diminish what He sees. Push through the weight trying to hold and bury you. Stand tall in His continence, mercy and grace. Reach up and out with your arms wide. Turn your face to be set on the sun. Allow your bud to blossom. Be open for all to see and embrace. Release the joy in your heart for their pleasure. Allow it to pour out, free. Keep it flowing till the scent of it rises - as a fragrant offering of what you believe all heaven can now see.

So allow us to encourage you "BE the Beauty in chaos no one can stop you – honest!"

With the Love of our Christ,

Mar 10, 2011

Reaching Thru Chaos, Seeing True Beauty Emerge

Vision of “True Beauty”

The Outreach
Women with Means ~ reaching women without means

Kaleidoscope Butterfly, Inc believes the women in our communities desire to extend compassion to those less fortunate and suffering among us if they knew of the need. This faith in the women we share our lives with, blossomed into “Women with Means”.  It has proven that as we expose others to the full sphere of needs, loving women and families everywhere stand up for the cause that is reaching out to them.  Through this out pouring of Love jobs have been created, training, volunteers and transportation has been available, meals have been delivered, shelters have been secured, counsel has been received, illnesses have been cared for, and lives are experiencing true relationship again. ~this is what True Beauty looks like!


As we merchandise everyday items, funds are raised and job opportunities are created for those in need of employment.  100% of all profit goes toward a variety of “causes” in need of our compassion.  KB, Inc is a 501c3 Corp there are no employees in order to give as much as possible toward those who do not have the means we are afforded.

*      Skin care
*      Cosmetics
*      Jewelry
*      T-shirts
*      Hats
*      Books
*      Cards
*      Miscellaneous items
  KB, Inc is Ministering to Needs:

*      Knowing that Love is our highest calling, we integrate Kisses C cards within each purchase. Our hope is for the recipient to take advantage of our intercessory prayer, as well as, become involved with understanding our passion to promote, support and encourage healing in the issues of our mission field.  Information explaining that their individual purchase has given another individual the realization of an ever present help in their time of trouble. Now those individuals can see that they are truly not alone in their suffering.

KB, Inc supports the building of skilled Care Givers:
*      Training for spa industry on True Beauty, Crisis Care and Philanthropy
*      Training for shelters and organizations
*      Community Groups speaking on Awareness, True Beauty, Dynamics of Crisis, Local Resources, The Cause Is Love, The Art Of Survival
KB, Inc Has a Cause to Celebrate:
*   Fundraising Events –Consulting / Networking, Provider of Spa Services, Individual celebrations or women’s get-together, teen events, children events, missionary support for projects

We are a people called together by a herald to come out and form a body of free citizens, to warn, to woe and to give wisdom as public servants of His supreme power.
 Kaleidoscope Butterfly Inc ©2007 All Rights Reserved