Dec 11, 2012

Founded By Following

Many people ask us how this all started.  This is the best, one piece, I can find to answer your questions.  Don't expect to hear anything from Candace except that she is just another volunteer like everyone else, stating that God alone is our Founder!

Candace Huffmaster has been passionate about creating visual art since her first art class in high school where she studied the art of drawing and composition. For the three decades proceeding, she honed her skills through visual merchandising, interior design, make up artistry, and paramedical cosmetic services.

“There are images, sounds and words imploring to be unearthed all around us. They are impelling us to pause, take notice, search and dig deep till we discover them. Constant as if seeking me, through my heart, mind, the universe, it never stopped; so I sought it out.”  “Now I understand:  we create what fulfills our moments, families and communities; we design from dusk till dawn ~ It should catch our breath as we attempt to manifest tangible things from mere thoughts and the God given abilities we possess!”  “ It is within these moments which we confirm we are indeed creative, just as He is creative”. From His imagination, will and matter existing we were formed; then He gave us His life!”

As Candace continued her sojourn, she realized the importance of utilizing creativity to help others in crisis. The creation of Kaleidoscope Butterfly, Inc., A 503, 1C Nonprofit Organization comprising, The Art of Survival, Creativity Speaks and There is a Story Being Told bring creative arts to women and children dealing with paralyzing life issues. Art therapy techniques allow individuals to communicate when words might be difficult. Each painting, illustration or written composition represents a new discovery about life, community, purpose and understanding.

Ms. Huffmaster’s art has been exhibited in Glimpse of His Glory Gallery within Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, Drawing to the Rock Fine Art Gallery located within the Tula Art Center. She is a contributing author for Spiritual Enlightenment where her poetry and other writings may be viewed. It is Candace’s hope that by reaching in to help those suffering as we reach out to bring awareness, God will bring healing and restoration to our communities in a mighty way.


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