Mar 10, 2011

Reaching Thru Chaos, Seeing True Beauty Emerge

Vision of “True Beauty”

The Outreach
Women with Means ~ reaching women without means

Kaleidoscope Butterfly, Inc believes the women in our communities desire to extend compassion to those less fortunate and suffering among us if they knew of the need. This faith in the women we share our lives with, blossomed into “Women with Means”.  It has proven that as we expose others to the full sphere of needs, loving women and families everywhere stand up for the cause that is reaching out to them.  Through this out pouring of Love jobs have been created, training, volunteers and transportation has been available, meals have been delivered, shelters have been secured, counsel has been received, illnesses have been cared for, and lives are experiencing true relationship again. ~this is what True Beauty looks like!


As we merchandise everyday items, funds are raised and job opportunities are created for those in need of employment.  100% of all profit goes toward a variety of “causes” in need of our compassion.  KB, Inc is a 501c3 Corp there are no employees in order to give as much as possible toward those who do not have the means we are afforded.

*      Skin care
*      Cosmetics
*      Jewelry
*      T-shirts
*      Hats
*      Books
*      Cards
*      Miscellaneous items
  KB, Inc is Ministering to Needs:

*      Knowing that Love is our highest calling, we integrate Kisses C cards within each purchase. Our hope is for the recipient to take advantage of our intercessory prayer, as well as, become involved with understanding our passion to promote, support and encourage healing in the issues of our mission field.  Information explaining that their individual purchase has given another individual the realization of an ever present help in their time of trouble. Now those individuals can see that they are truly not alone in their suffering.

KB, Inc supports the building of skilled Care Givers:
*      Training for spa industry on True Beauty, Crisis Care and Philanthropy
*      Training for shelters and organizations
*      Community Groups speaking on Awareness, True Beauty, Dynamics of Crisis, Local Resources, The Cause Is Love, The Art Of Survival
KB, Inc Has a Cause to Celebrate:
*   Fundraising Events –Consulting / Networking, Provider of Spa Services, Individual celebrations or women’s get-together, teen events, children events, missionary support for projects

We are a people called together by a herald to come out and form a body of free citizens, to warn, to woe and to give wisdom as public servants of His supreme power.
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