Mar 24, 2011

Sometimes you must Be the beauty in chaos!

Making His Mark With Beauty
KB, Inc’s world-wide motto is alive

Hip, Hip Hooray! Now our organization is seeing beauty emerge all around the world. When we changed our "slogan" from Loving Who You Were Divinely Created To BE to Reaching Through Chaos, Seeing True Beauty Emerge we did not quiet understand why - because we knew the first one was correct. However, we had to believe in what God saw beneath the chaos in order to find the faith which enabled our perseverance to help others not only see what we saw, but believe in it.

As we began telling women and children that they were desired, loved and had a reason to not be afraid, we saw them embrace the " idea" of hope.  But as we stuck by them~ encouraging them to believe that even as God forsaken as life can feel at times, there are always lovely moments too; we noticed they were actually reaching out to grab onto that hope and tucking it away to protect it. But the day we understood with His understanding was when we saw His "beauty mark".  It was the day that all the pieces collided to perfectly mesh.  For the first time I know I saw the elusive Kaleidoscope Butterfly.  Although it was one moment it was also many and there will be many more.  Because as we are walking and relating to these lovely individuals God is revealing precious details which are transforming their minds to see that they, themselves, need to BE BEAUTY in this world of chaos.

We are witness to the fact that there is not a more beautiful sight than His hand reaching through their chaos to share in very real ways.

Our work is simple but true:
We believe True Beauty is as a seed planted within you, tenderly tucked into a deep, dark space. Alone with such dreams of grandeur, restlessly squirming, simply dying to be released! It truly believes there is something much larger and unique it is to be. It feels it could bestow beauty and goodness upon an unaesthetic world. “Just as the butterfly is always within the caterpillar – so too your beauty is fighting to take flight and ride the breeze. You are a kaleidoscope butterfly, a vision foreseen in the mind of the Great Divine. He delights in what you have to offer. He created you to rise above and be seen. So flutter your jagged, shattered pieces in His sunlight. His hand merges all our shapes in His time. To Him we are not missing or broken we are His Delight and perfect in His sight.

We make our request known and know it is His will:
Do not look with your eyes to perceive reality. Do not allow this world to diminish what He sees. Push through the weight trying to hold and bury you. Stand tall in His continence, mercy and grace. Reach up and out with your arms wide. Turn your face to be set on the sun. Allow your bud to blossom. Be open for all to see and embrace. Release the joy in your heart for their pleasure. Allow it to pour out, free. Keep it flowing till the scent of it rises - as a fragrant offering of what you believe all heaven can now see.

So allow us to encourage you "BE the Beauty in chaos no one can stop you – honest!"

With the Love of our Christ,

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