Jun 9, 2011

Clarification on Volunteer Sign up

Hi Candy,

You came to AIA on Monday night and spoke to our class about your organization. I've signed up for the mailing list and would really like to volunteer in the future. I couldn't find any listings though. Will the mailing list update us with those or should I be going elsewhere to check them out? Just wanting to clarify, whenever you have a free moment. Thanks!

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Good Morning  Ashley:

Great question.  Yes, you are correct - the list is being formulated through the questions that are to be answered when you click the "click here" link in the e-mail volunteer blast.

If I failed to explain the process I apologize.  But here it is:

In the questionnaire you have the opportunity to check any event types you are interested in.  No limites.  There is also an age interest for each of those categories, again you can do one or all.  Next will be your choice of events, that need no further training or you may choose to have crisis training to extend your skills.

We then plug everyone into the categories and generate a priority call out.  Everyone will receive all notices, howeve,r we will give priority selection to those that chose the categories of special interest. 

Please encourage everyone to ask me questions - and feel free to share with everyone.

I am posting this to: http://www.causeislove.blogspot.com/ in case anyone else has the same question.

Thank you very much Ashley.

For the cause of LOVE,

Candace Huffmaster

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